Smart Connected Healthcare

Real-time Location System (RTLS) for real-time indoor tracking of personnel and medical equipment. Reduce your operating cost by preventing theft and keep track of your medical asset's usage and location.

Key Challenges

How to quickly locate medical equipments in the building for immediate emergency use, maintenance and security.

How to locate medical personnel and track their work status in the building for efficient emergency response planning.

How to keep track of your invaluable medical equipment's usage.

Hospitals tend to over purchase up to 20% of their equipment up to compensate breakdowns, misplacement and theft.

Medical device 01
Medical device 01
Medical device 01


Our expertise can help you reduce time and monetary waste caused by equipment misplacement and theft. Plan and optimize your medical-operation infrastructure and logistics with our technology by keeping track of your invaluable assets.

Increase staff efficiency and time to task and care

Currently 16% of healthcare facility searches for assets end in missing equipment. Asset tracking allows staff to focus on immediate care rather than wasting up to an hour a day searching for equipment. With the immediate location of assets in real-time, staff efficiency is increased and care quality is enhanced.

Track high value equipment

In recent years, 10-20% of hospitals’ inventory of assets goes missing or is misplaced every year. In some cases, critical assets are not findable or functional in potentially life threatening situations and may cause surgery postponement leading to a huge loss of patient satisfaction.