We develop and provide customized IoT based smart solutions tailored to clients' needs covering Smart Sensing, e-Commerce, Multi-Band Connectivity and Big Data Analytics and Visualization.

We develop and provide customized IoT based smart solutions tailored to clients' needs covering Smart Sensing, e-Commerce, Multi-Band Connectivity and Big Data Analytics and Visualization.

Our Expertise

We develop AI and prediction models, design smart systems, establish highly scalable network solutions to cater to your needs while allowing you to focus on your customers using our customized E-commerce Platform.

Our solutions can be deployed where you need it, when you need it and how you need it. We specialize in Windows and Linux based servers and develop applications for Windows, Linux, iOS & Android platforms.

Our Vision

To be the leading player in delivering affordable & innovative IR 4.0 solution for the benefit of all sectors in Malaysia and Overseas.


World class innovative R&D team which will challenge the big players and be the game changer to the market.

Strategic Approach

1. Strong R&D team
2. Develop affordable, innovative, effective and short time to market solutions
3. Game changing & disruptive innovation
4. Always Available to the clients & continuous development

Seamlessly exploit deep learning algorithm and strategies that can help unlock powerful analytics insights by tapping into data you didn't even know you had

Empowering Smart Township to utilize Cloud-based Citizen Engagement Platform for Green and Sustainable Elements using Open Communication Infrastructure

A customized eCommerce platform which enables the integration of your systems and platforms; tailored to your business processes and systems

Fully customized traceability applications for tracking the origin of your product, its location and its journey through the supply chain or manufacturing process

Our Products

Tools to improve your business and expand your horizon

Manpower tracking

Integration of artificial intelligence technologies in manpower tracking is leverage AI to automate and optimize processes, leading to more informed decision-making, improved efficiency, and enhanced employee experiences.

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Smart Connected Healthcare

The Real-time Location System allows to track real-time indoor location and movement of an individual and medical equipment. Reduce theft levels, mishandling and misplacing of equipment by tracking he hospital’s expensive portable equipment using RFID tag and LBS (Location-based services) tracker.

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SPORTVIZ360 Smart Football

Player fitness and match performance

We use wearable trackers and sensor equipped smart football, measuring computing both player's fitness level and in-game performance.

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Smart City

The main goal of a smart city is to optimise city functions and promote economic growth while also improving the quality of life for citizens by using smart technologies and data analysis. The value lies in how this technology is used rather than simply how much technology is available.

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The FrappeHub tool allows you to manage complex conferences. To bringing together our expertise in research, teaching, learning and education by publishing worldwide.

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Vehicle tracking systems & manage your vehicle, asset, fuel, expenses and more


Artificial Geographic Information System (AI-GIS) software is a powerful tool used for mapping and analyzing spatial data. Its functions extend far beyond simple mapping; it allows users to visualize, interpret, and understand patterns and trends related to geographic data.

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iTrack your IR4.0 Solution

System utilizing up-to-date IR 4.0 Technology

Real-time Location System allows to track real-time indoor location and movement of an individual or equipment. Managers can easily measure the utilization, OEE and throughput of tracked equipment.

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AI River Monitoring & Flood Prediction System

iDeria Smart River Monitoring System incorporates weather station, water level, water flow to allow highly accurate measurements while being a compact and quality reference system. The CCTV camera provides essential visual footage for advanced analytics and prediction through our state-of-the-art AI model. The unit is especially suitable for harsh or marine environments.

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Breath Fresh, Live Fresh

Key elements of an indoor air quality system aimed at promoting human health and well-being involve implementing strategies to guarantee that the indoor atmosphere is pure, pleasant, and safe to inhale. The inclusion of features like AirSense360, which incorporates air quality index and comfort level monitoring, has the potential to heighten occupants' awareness of their indoor environment.

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Customer Engagement Apps

We build our team with top software developers, designers, project and product managers from our talent network, customized to fit your business needs and business processes.

Each person is selected for subject matter expertise and their years of experience working in managed teams.

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ePOS and Cloud-based ERP System

Our integration is astonishingly seamless and light.

The Smart ePOS System is integrated in the cloud for retail and F&B biz. Together, with customised Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (CERP) system, our clients can combine their network of pharmacy, spa, clinics, healthcare or their retail shops under one single platform

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Bring it to life again with us

Our service is astonishingly thin and light.

Utilizing the image processing technology, we provide live monitoring system equipped with deep learning framework. Our solution can be integrated in various fields, including traffic monitoring, parking space counting, illegal hawkers detection, and pedestrian density, with minimal sensors.

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Cloud-based Attendance Management System

Attendance control at your fingertips with the cloud.

A Cloud-based Attendance Management System is a game-changer in optimizing attendance tracking and management processes for organizations of all sizes. By embracing this technology, businesses and institutions can achieve greater accuracy, efficiency, accessibility, and security in their attendance tracking operations, ultimately contributing to improved productivity and decision-making.

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iTrack Anywhere

iTrack is a complete suit to track all types of assets, vehicles and manpower to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness. We provide tracking devices, software and integration tailored to clients' workflow and needs.

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Online Marketplace - 360 Features for Ecommerce Business

The main goal of a marketplace is to create an e-Commerce platform which delivery fresh food and groceries.

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Social xPress

The socail xpress platform allow user create post within the community.

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Sustainable city for Smarter Society

Any Ecosystem, Any Environment and Any Network. Our solution customised to your requirement.

We have experience in delivering technology of a smart city, is a city that uses data and minimal sensing technology to improve the lives of the citizens and businesses that inhabit it. The IoT is a network of physical connected devices, that enable these 'things' to connect and exchange data.

Your Solution, Your Way

Embracing the future with Smart Solutions

Our experience in delivering various solutions in many unique environments has enabled us to anticipate challenges and deal with complications on-the-go with minimal complications. Each company has different environments with different requirements – we relish to endeavor it.

Smart Healthcare Solutions

User driven tailored multi-platform software augments the system in a seamless manner.

Every company have its own unique work flow even if they are from the same business. We help you design and create the system that suits your process.
Our customized sensing options aids in contents pass down, task automation and efficiency of your business. With the aim of cost cutting, man power deduction, time saving, fast data delivery, data accuracy, data recovery and data security, we design and implement smart systems for your needs.

Tracking and Tracibility for Smarter Industry

Real-time fleet tracking and analytics to manage and optimize fleet operation.

Integrated Personnel, Vehicle, Asset & Machines Tracking System is customized solution to meet a comprehensive application for Industrial 4.0 that enable monitoring and management of employees, vehicle, asset, inventory and machines in real-time, enabling you to improve workplace safety, increase productivity, while tracking time and attendance.

AI Big Data and Visual Analytics

Decision making can be done in real-time - save the report for later.

AI is the big thing today, however very few can appreciate its subtleties. We not only create AI models for you, we study your process thoroughly so we build a reliable and trustworthy AI model. Our Strategic partnership unlocks access to data scientists whose specialize in AI and data analytics


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