IDERIA and AIRTLS are not only revolutionizing sports technology but also making significant strides in other sectors such as smart buildings, manpower tracking, and hospital asset tracking and utilization. Both IDERIA and AIRTLS are chmpion in real time location service. Leveraging both IDERIA and AIRTLS' expertise in high precision localization and technological prowess, this partnership extends beyond sports into various industries, offering innovative solutions for a smarter, greener and more sustainable future.



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IDERA and AIRTLS are teaming up to revolutionize high precision localization technologies in sports. This strategic partnership combines IDERIA's cutting-edge advancements with AIRTLS' expertise, promising enhanced athlete tracking, real-time analytics, and an immersive fan experience. Get ready for a groundbreaking collaboration that will redefine the future of high precision sports technology. For more details

With IDERIA's high precision localization technologies and AIRTLS' expertise, smart buildings can now achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and functionality. By integrating advanced tracking systems, smart buildings can optimize energy usage, automate processes, enhance security, and improve overall user experience. From intelligent lighting and climate control to automated maintenance and occupancy monitoring, this collaboration brings forth a new era of smart building solutions. For more details

The partnership between IDERIA and AIRTLS introduces advanced manpower tracking solutions that revolutionize workforce management. By leveraging high precision localization technologies, businesses can track employee movements, monitor productivity, optimize workflow processes, and ensure safety protocols are followed. This real-time data enables companies to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and improve overall workforce performance. For more details

In the healthcare sector, IDERIA and AIRTLS are transforming hospital asset tracking and utilization. By implementing precise localization technologies, hospitals can track the location of medical equipment, optimize asset utilization, streamline inventory management, and improve patient care. Real-time analytics provide insights into asset availability, maintenance schedules, and usage patterns, allowing healthcare facilities to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver better healthcare services. For more details