31 Jan, 2024

  •   Alhamdulillah, in collaboration with Petronas, UniMAP, and IDERIA, we have successfully completed the Proof-of-Concept project for the Automated Predictive Project Progress Solution under the Tracker Enhancement Program.

      Our heartfelt gratitude goes to En Azri and Team (Project Planning & Control (PP&C) under Group Project Delivery (GPD), Project Delivery & Technology (PD&T), PETRONAS, as well as Helmi (Ben) and Hafizal from NervCentre, for their collaborative spirit and joint efforts. Your contributions have been invaluable.

      We eagerly anticipate the continued collaboration and support for our upcoming projects. Additionally, we extend a warm welcome to young researchers from UniMAP who are interested in joining our team. Special thanks to Prof Rizalafande Rizalafande Ismail for the kind support in ensuring the successful transition from fundamental laboratory work to real-world implementation. More details



15 Nov, 2023

  •   In a significant recognition of Malaysia's innovation prowess, IDeria Sdn. Bhd has been invited for an interview by NanoMalaysia. The interview will explore the theme "Malaysian innovator who brought their products to life" as IDERIA shares insights into projects challenges.More details


23 July, 2023

  •   We are deeply honored to represent IDeria Sdn. Bhd and the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Sensor Technology - CEASTech. We are thrilled to share our experiences and challenges in implementing Smart Sensors and AI technologies for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 at the prestigious Forum Teknologi Sensor Kebangsaan 2023.

      We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Akademi Sains Malaysia and SENSOR Malaysia-Persatuan Pembangunan Teknologi Sensor Malaysia for giving us this invaluable opportunity to contribute to the event. Thank you to all our valued industry and international partners.More details


22 July, 2023

  •   Analytic Reimagined. In a dynamic display of cutting-edge technology, SportViz360 Football Analytics took the spotlight as it provided live demos to athletes at Padang UPM and Padang UKM. The innovative system showcased its prowess in delivering real-time insights, revolutionizing how athletes monitor and analyze their performance. The demo left athletes impressed, signaling a new era in sports analytics.More details


26 May, 2023

  •   We're delighted to partner with TAM&CO by taking OUR football insights to the next level. Stay tuned for groundbreaking data-driven analysis, comprehensive player statistics, and game-changing strategies that will enhance your understanding of your own PERFORMANCE, ABILITY and SKILL. Get ready for a whole new approach to player selection! The Reinvented Analytics assist the renowned Spanish scout to uncover the next generation of football stars with our game-changing selection process.

      We're proud to be part of the extraordinary event organized by The KL Showcase and Bolabros! Join us for an unforgettable football exprience.More details


20 May, 2023

  •   We are immensely grateful to our visionary advisor, Datuk Prof. Kamarudin Hussin, for presenting IDERIA to China and opening new doors of opportunity. IDERIA had the privilege of representing our technology on the international stage at the prestigious Quancheng High-level Talent Technology and Project Cooperation Conference. This remarkable event took place at the esteemed Jinan Yinfeng Ramada Hotel and Shenzen Nanhai International Holdings, where we had the honor of presenting and participating in a captivating round table discussion on AI and humanizing technology.

      The conference served as a convergence point for renowned experts in the fields of big data and AI, with representation from nearly 30 universities and about 50 enterprises, including the Secretary General and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Overseas Association. Their valuable insights enriched the discussions and fostered collaborations that will shape the future of AI and Humanizing technology. Together, we are forging new frontiers and driving positive change.More details


18 May, 2023

  •   Big news! IDERIA Sdn Bhd, Start-Up of UniMAP is proud to announce our latest funding from Nanomalaysia, in collaboration with UPM and UTP! Together, we're developing intelligent indoor air quality solutions for households, hospitals, and industries. Our cutting-edge technology, which uses graphene nanoparticle sensors, can detect airborne bio-contaminants and aerosols like fungi and microorganisms.

      But we're not stopping there! We're scaling up our project, adding smart elements to our solution. Our goal is to achieve a zero carbon footprint by providing g accurate on site data for Scope 2 & 3 GHG Emissions both indoors and outdoors. We welcome partnerships with industries who share our passion for sustainability.More details


14 Mar, 2023


      Pensyarah Cipta Alat Kaji Kecerdasan, Teknik Permainan Bola Sepak Sekumpulan pensyarah Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP), membangunkan alat yang mampu menganalisis sukan secara langsung atau "in real time" bagi membolehkan jurulatih membuat keputusan kritikal berkaitan taktik dan kecerdasan seseorang pemain. Inovasi yang dinamakan sebagai SportViz360 itu, sedang digunapakai lebih seratus pasukan bola sepak amatur seluruh negara, selain pasukan professional seperti Perlis United FC dan KL City bawah 23 tahun.More details


8 Mar, 2023

  •   Project Update & Discussion for new IR4.0 project with Nihon Superior M Sdn Bhd. Thank you Nihon Superior for the opportunity. We had a pleasant and fruitful discussion with Mr Miyata, Mr Koizumi, Mr Voon and Mr William.More details


28 Feb, 2023

  •   Syarikat Pemula UniMAP I-Deria Sdn. Bhd yang diterajui oleh Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ammar Zakaria telah dipilih sebagai pempamer bagi program “Supercharger Roadshow” anjuran Pusat Inovasi dan Perundingan USM dengan kerjasama MRANTI. Program ini bertujuan menyediakan platform untuk menghubungkan dan mempercepatkan pengkomersialan melalui pelbagai intervensi.

      Program “Supercharger” menghimpunkan para industri, penyelidik, pemegang taruh, agensi kerajaan, dan pengasas syarikat pemula yang mana semua pihak ini akan berinteraksi dan terlibat dengan inisiatif MRANTI serta ekosistem R&D dan C&I di Pulau Pinang. Program ini juga membolehkan para peserta untuk belajar, mengenal pasti isu dan cabaran, dan mengenal pasti peluang untuk mempercepatkan perjalanan pengkomersialan mereka. Tahniah diucapkan pada syarikat i-Deria Sdn Bhd.More details