River Health Monitoring

River Health Monitoring

AI River Monitoring & Flood Prediction System

iDeria Smart River Monitoring System incorporates weather station, water level, water flow to allow highly accurate measurements while being a compact and quality reference system. The CCTV camera provides essential visual footage for advanced analytics and prediction through our state-of-the-art AI model. The unit is especially suitable for harsh or marine environments. More details

Key Features

  • Wind Speed & Direction
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Dew Point
  • Water Level
  • Water Flow
  • Object Detection
  • Flood Prediction
  • 4G Support


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  Reducing disaster risks is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since natural disasters cause economic and human losses. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said there was a weakness in managing and collecting information related to disaster management, which was still being done in a conventional manner and not in line with current technological developments. Based on the discussion with Shah Alam City Council (MBSA), real-time flood monitoring system is important to be implemented soon to provides early warning and better management.

  Currently, there is no integrated system that combine all information such as water level, water flow, floating trash identification, rainfall, satellite data and environmental parameter with AI model for flood monitoring and prediction. Data collected by DOE, JPS, MET, etc are used separately in standalone manner. Fusion of the data with AI and visual analytics can provide better insight for improved flood monitoring and prediction system, hence, the proposed system aims to upscale the previous research works done in FRGS, KTP and International Fund from Japan for the upscaling and deployment of Flood monitoring system with interactive visual dashboard for analytics and alert at three locations.

Seksyen 2, Shah Alam

Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

Water Level and Flow Meter


PTZ Camera


Weather Station


Water Level and Flow Meter [ENV-WL/FM-P1]

ENV-WL/FM-P1 water meter and flow meter is used to monitor flow velocity and water level in open channels such as rivers, irrigation channels or sewer systems, and for monitoring and controlling hydropower plants and wastewater treatment plants. The flow meter is also suitable for various mass flow metering applications in mining processing plants, industrial installations, and, due to operation without moving parts and robust mechanical design, is ideal for measurement of flammable fluids and harsh chemical applications.

Parameter Value
Power Supply DC 7V to 36V
Power Consumption Peak Current: < 130mA
Working Temperature -35°C to 75°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 80°C
Humidity 95% RH
Speed range 0.1m/s to 20m/s
Speed Resolution 0.01m/s
Speed Accuracy +/-0.01m/s
Radar Frequency 24GHz
Angular Coverage 30° to 60°
Angular Resolution 0.1°
Angular Accuracy +/-1°
Height Range 0m to 30m
Range Accuracy +/-2mm
Range Resolution 1mm

PTZ Camera [ENV-PTZ-P2]

ENV-PTZ-P2 PTZ cameras equipped with AI can provide real-time video feeds to AI algorithms. These algorithms can analyze the video data for signs of flooding, such as rising water levels, overflowing rivers, or blocked drainage systems. AI-powered PTZ cameras can detect and track objects in the camera's field of view. This includes monitoring the movement of floodwaters, debris, or even people who may be in danger. Early detection of these objects can trigger timely flood alerts.

Image Sensor 1/2.8" CMOS
Pixel 4 MP
Max. Resolution 2560(H) x 1440(V)
Electronic Shutter Speed 1/1 s - 1/30,000 s
Scanning System Progressive
Min. illumination Color: 0.005 lux@F1.6
B/W: 0.0005 lux@F1.6
0 lux (IR light on)
Illumination Distance 150 m (492.13 ft) (IR)
80 m (262.47 ft) (white light)
Illuminator Number 4 (IR)
2 (white light)
Pan/Tilt Range Pan: 0° to 360° endless
Tilt: -20° to +90°, auto flip 180°
Manual Control Speed Pan: 0.1° - 160°/s endless
Tilt: 0.1° to 120°/s
Preset Speed Pan: 240°/s
Tilt: 150°
Preset 300
Tour 8 (up to 32 presets per tour)
Pattern 5
Scan 5
Power-off Memory Yes
Idle Motion Preset; Pattern; Tour; Scan

Weather Station [ENV-WS-P3]

ENV-WS-P3 weather stations play a crucial role in flood prediction and management by collecting and providing essential meteorological data. When integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) systems, they can enhance flood prediction accuracy and help authorities respond more effectively. Weather stations provide real-time data, allowing for continuous monitoring of changing weather conditions. This is critical for flood prediction because sudden changes in weather can lead to rapid increases in water levels.

Parameter Value
Supply Voltage 8-17V
12V (recommended)
Power Consumption 100 mA @ 12V supply
Power Supply Mode 240V AC
Rated Working Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Rated Storage Temperature -40°C to +80°C
Rated Humidity 0 to 100% RH
Dimensions 164 (diam.) x 473 (H) mm
Weight 1850 g
Protection Level IP65
Parameter Range Sensitivity Accuracy Unit
Wind Speed 0 - 70 0.1 +/-0.3 m/s
Wind Direction 0 - 359 2 +/-2 °
Ambient Humidity -40 - +120 0.1 +/-2 °C
Ambient Humidity 0 - 100 0.1 +/-0.2 % RH
Rainfall 0 - 1000 (hourly) 0.2 +/-0.2 mm
PM2.5 0 - 25 0.1 +/-0.2 µg/m3
PM10 0 - 25 0.1 +/-0.2 µg/m3